Fence Gate Railing Powder Coating

Professional powder coating booth. Bring us your metal
Fence Hardware,

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We’ll powder coat almost any metal object.

Railing & Fence Color Change
Metal railing doesn’t match new house paint? Choose powdercoating to paint the metal to match.
Looking for contrasting colors on one fence painting scheme? We’ve done that; different colored posts and whatnot, sure.
Want blue top and bottom rails with pink spindles? We’re ready to do it.

Railing & Fence Rejuvenation
In many cases a new fence or railing is not needed to replace whatever fencing or railing you already have. Most of your metal fence and railing components or other metal objects can be resurrected. Rust can be taken care of and metal surfaces can shine like new, or better. Come to our professionally equipped powdercoating booth.